• How Often Should I Wash?

    How Often Should I Wash?

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    Many common items in your home can harbor—even actively grow—bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, odors, and other yucky stuff. Routine washing is your best defense. But, how frequently you should wash often depends on a combination of things: On a scale of damp to sopping, how wet does it typically get? Does it come into routine contact Read more

  • Wood Floors: Cleaning Myths

    Wood Floors: Cleaning Myths

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    Myth #1 If a wood floor is shiny, it’s clean. FALSE Shine means a surface is smooth, not clean. Shine happens when light bounces off a flat surface straight back into your eyes. Dullness happens when light bounces in all different directions (much of it missing your eyes) because the surface is uneven due to scratches. While dirt Read more

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