4 Ways to Revitalize Your Home in 2021

4 Ways to Revitalize Your Home in 2021

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By Aimee Lyons

After the events of last year and spending so much time stuck indoors, many people have looked around their home and realized they’re no longer inspired or satisfied by its interior.​ Perhaps you tried a few trends that are now outdated, or maybe the wall color you once loved now feels dull. If you’re ready to change the way your home feels and looks, consider the following revamps.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning isn’t a fun task for most people, but if you want to refresh the way your home looks and feels this year, this is an affordable and easy way to do it. If you implement an organizing system along the way, you can also smooth out the deep cleaning process. For example, as you pull things out of rooms, drawers, and closets to organize, give those areas a deep clean before you put anything back in. This way, you get a double-whammy of cleaning and organization. As part of your deep clean, throw away furniture you no longer need, remove appliances you don’t use anymore, and discard anything that contributes to clutter.

If you’re unable to clean everything by yourself – especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas and stubborn stains – consider hiring the cleaning pros at iEcoCleaning, which operates in the Lake County area. They’re insured and bonded, eco-friendly, and dependable.

All About the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so let this year be the time you fall in love with it. The easiest way to refresh this room is by upgrading countertops, replacing cabinet hardware, and updating light fixtures. Of course, the smaller your countertops, the more cost-efficient this renovation will be. While this could be your home’s most expensive revamp project, it’s a timeless investment that will eventually add value to your home when it’s time to sell. If a countertop replacement is out of your budget, an easy and quick way to refresh the countertops is to paint them in a solid color, add some marble-effect spray paint, and finish with a glaze coat. You’ll end up with a fantastic marble countertop that gives your kitchen a luxurious look.

Give Your Furniture a Revamp

Don’t worry if you can’t spend a lot of money to update your furniture – there are countless fast and easy ways to change the way your furniture looks on the cheap. First of all, you need to clean any fabric furniture thoroughly. Use a professional cleaning product to wash the fittings, and ensure you include the back and underneath the entire piece.

If you’d like to completely revamp your furniture, consider reupholstering your pieces. Check online websites where you can look up contractors as well as reviews and prices. A quick search using the term “best upholstery near me” can reveal plenty of local companies to consider. Before hiring a particular service, though, make sure they’re licensed and insured, and get a detailed estimate on the work.

If you have hard furniture that needs some TLC, you can either paint, stain or stencil it, and swap the hardware. Sometimes, old brass pulls and knobs don’t even need to be replaced and can be shined up with a little polish. Another way to refresh your furniture is to change the legs or to paint them a different color.

Give Love to Your Walls

A statement wall is not the only way to revive the space – your walls are awash with numerous refreshing possibilities. You can add a piece of eye-catching art, create a sophisticated and modern gallery wall, or arrange a couple of floating shelves to display your favorite odds and ends.

The Bottom Line

As we’re still spending a lot of time at home, take advantage of this time to renovate, refresh, and revive your home for a new start. After such a difficult year, you deserve it.


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