Exterior Spring Cleaning: Getting The Job Done In An Eco-Friendly, Thorough Way

Exterior Spring Cleaning: Getting The Job Done In An Eco-Friendly, Thorough Way

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Exterior Spring Cleaning

By Kellie Brewer

Spring cleaning is a major project for families every year, especially if they need to work through both the interior and the exterior of the home. There tends to be spring home maintenance that needs to be done, and it is wise to declutter as you move through each area of your home as well. These days, many families are focusing on eco-friendly and chemical-free ways to clean the interior of their home, but they shouldn’t overlook the opportunities to go this route with exterior spring cleaning, too. Here are some tips you can follow.

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Using eco-friendly cleaners are important for your home’s exterior, too

As Bob Vila’s site details, families are growing increasingly more conscious of using chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaners inside their homes, but they do not always make the same effort with their home’s exterior during spring cleaning. While being aware of toxic chemicals in cleaners may not feel quite as important in open, outdoor spaces, the chemicals from those cleaners can do damage to the water and general environment.

Rather than use toxic cleaners to wash your home’s exterior, you can get great results from just water and a pressure washer. Take care, however, to go easy with wood shingles, vinyl, and masonry. Mild soap and water should be a general go-to for most exterior finishes; tackle the outsides of windows with vinegar mixed with water or even baby shampoo. The pressure washer, and you may need to add a coat of stain or wood preservative once you’ve cleaned it up.

If you’re not a fan of making your own cleaning solutions, there are plenty of natural cleaners you can choose from at big stores like Target. Before you start shopping, earn discounts on your purchase by grabbing some online Target coupons — this way, you’ll be helping to save money and the environment at the same time!

Everyday household items can come in handy during exterior spring cleaning

Today’s Homeowner recommends cleaning window screens in a kid’s wading pool that is filled up with soapy water. After a bit of soaking, scrub them with a soft scrub brush and rinse with a hose. You might be able to repair small holes by flattening out the wires and covering them in clear fingernail polish, while bigger holes may be best dealt with by getting a new piece of screen.

Many families start grilling as soon as the spring weather hits, but chances are that the grill needs some spring cleaning attention as well. If you want to go the eco-friendly route on tackling this messy job, try using baking soda and a grill brush first, and make a baking soda paste with water to tackle tough spots. You may also want to try a natural citrus degreaser as well.

Survey your home’s condition from top to bottom

Be sure to check your gutters during your exterior spring cleaning to ensure that they are clear of leaves and debris, and spend some time surveying the yard to clear out dead plants, flowers, and weeds. You should trim any foliage that has become overgrown or detracts from the look of the space during this process, too. The DIY Network suggests checking the exterior of your home for any painted spots that need repair, and you should take the time to clean and repaint those spots to ensure that the wood doesn’t rot.

Spring cleaning can become a dirty, big job when it comes to the exterior of your home, but some elbow grease and determined effort can ensure that everything is in good shape and looking sharp for the warm seasons when you are more likely to spend time outdoors. Make the effort to utilize eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning materials where you can to protect your family and the environment, and don’t forget to factor in time to declutter and tackle some spring home maintenance projects as you spruce everything up.

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